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Wholesale Date Palms | Phoenix dactylifera
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    Wholesale Date Palm Trees | Phoenix dactylifera Wholesale Date Palms | Phoenix dactylifera Medjool Date Palms Wholesale | Phoenix dactylifera Medjool
Professional Shipping to Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada
Field of Date Palm | Phoenix dactylifera Date Palm Wholesale | Phoenix dactylifera
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Date Palm Wholesale | Phoenix dactylifera Date Palm Wholesale | Phoenix dactylifera Date Palm Wholesale | Phoenix dactylifera

Phoenix dactylifera
Scientific name: Phoenix dactylifera
Pronunciation: fee-niks dak-till-if-er-ah
Common name: True/Edible Date Palm
Family: Arecaceae
As seen in PlantFinder, Date Palms by South Coast Growers

Although there are many palms that we call "date palms"; pygmy date palm(Phoenix roebelenii), Senegal date palm (Phoenix reclinata), Canary Island date palm (Phoenix canariensis) to name a few. However the "true" date palm from which the fruit is obtained is the Phoenix dactylifera which is a multi-stemmed palm from which the suckers are usually removed to create single stemmed specimens. The broad gray trunk is patterned with diamond-shaped leaf scars and is up to 16 inches in diameter. The large greenish or bluish gray pinnate leaves are typically 18-20 ft long by 2 ft wide. They are arranged in a thick canopy up to 40 feet wide. Leaflets are 1-2 ft long and arranged in V-shape ranks that run the length of the leaf stem. Leaflets near the base are modified into sharp 3-4 in spines.

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